Super Charger in place !?


Globally humans and nature suffer from air pollution because of ongoing urbanization. In many industrialized nations, e-mobility is considered as a valid interim solution for regaining clean air in their cities and to secure their prosperity.

<strong>Economical close-by operations</strong>

The maximum operational revolution of 19 rpm is mostly lower that that of comparable conventional wind turbines. Air speed over the propulsion wings is much slower as well, leading to reduced noise-emissions and less bird or bat-killings. Furthermore, the danger of ice-shedding is greatly reduced.

<strong>Low noise emissions</strong>

The substantially reduced nuisance exposure allows installation in close proximity to residential or commercial areas.

<strong>Enhanced e-mobility through a combination of energy generation and storage</strong>

A clearly consumer-friendly solution results through the combination of our wind turbine with sophisticated energy storage capacities. This allows to set aside the need for costly investments into suitable energy transport infrastructure, whilst obtaining profitable operations as well as good acceptance with the neighboring population.