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During the last decade wind energy has proven that it can compete with fossil-burning power generation. During the One Planet Summit (COP21), held 2015 in Paris, as well as 2017 in Bonn, most of the global nations have pledged to limit the increase of global warming by 2,0 Degree. Reputable assessments see a necessity for the commission of 3.500 GW until 2025.

Especially nations with large land areas and a high population count have a pronounced need to secure their future prosperity. German Sustainables has the means to reach these goals.

Urbanization has consumed most of the wind-prone, especially in Germany. Suitably strong winds prevail all over the globe, yet lack of infrastructure and/or geological challenges have hindered the classic wind turbine technology to be of any success there.

Well proven “German Engineering” has led us to optimize vertical axis wind turbine technology to it’s 3rd generation. It combines a lot of advantages, such as: minimal use of land areas, lower overall height, high static and dynamic stability, minimum transport expenses, low maintenance cost and high efficiency result in very competitive production of energy. Our technology is well suited for extreme climatic and geological challenges.

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The solution for global problem zones

Technical data:
• Height above all: 74m
• Rotor diameter: 42m
• Length of propulsion wings: 39,5m
• Profile-depth: 2,5m
• Nominal power: 1000kW @ 13m/s @ 19U/min
• Kick-in windspeed: 3,5m/s
• Cut-off windspeed: 28m/s
• Ultimate rpm: 25U/min
• Materials: Steel and Aluminum

The entire turbine was designed using the most modern mathematical methods, such as FE/CFD/MBS programs. Only these methods, in the hands and heads of highly experienced engineering personnel, lead to reliable and safe-to-operate vertical axis wind turbine designs.

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Reason to establish the company was the urge to promote the new technology, which had been researched and designed over the past eleven years by Claus Colling (retired Flight Captain) and Prof. Dr. Ing. Kassera and successfully introduce it to the market.

Since 2010 the efforts have been supported by means of investments though Mr. Johann Bachner, entrepreneur and CEO of Bachner Elektro Gmbh & Co KG, located in Mainburg/ Upper Bavaria.

Together we would like to contribute in overcoming energy-related problems, without any undue burden for nature and mankind at fair pricing for all global regions, even where energy production was hitherto expensive or simply uneconomical.

Imagine, if energy-resources where available without limitation, economical to use – independent from climatic- and /or geological conditions.

German Sustainables is positioning itself with complementary solutions alongside of the established conventional technology. We can fill the technological voids, which cannot be taken care of by the current wind turbine designs.

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