Modular construction leads to wide application possibilities


Despite of good winds, a lot of suitable sites have not been developed yet

Extended options

Owing to the modular design, our wind turbines can be set-up any place, which is accessible to a truck which carries a 40ft container. This enables erection in different mountainous areas, narrow coastal strips with curvy and winding roads, as well as islands (in stand-alone application).

Well suited for geological challenges

Due to the lattice frame towers, the turbine’s footprint is variable and uses less foundation-masses. A stabile stance can be obtained even in critical geological conditions, such as: sand-, rock-ground or in areas with seismic activity.

Efficient operation under variable winds

Since the wind always approaches our turbine from optimum directions, no decrease in energy occurs.

No threat to the environment

Birds and bats recognize our turbine as an obstacle and will avoid any fatal encounters with it. Due to a lower differential pressure behind the propulsion wings, bats will not be killed due to decompression trauma.

Individual coloring is possible

A lower visual impact may be obtained by means of individual coloring. Especially the aluminum propulsion wings may be painted any desirable color, helping to blend-in the entire wind turbine in its’ surroundings or back-drop. It is even feasible to equip the propulsion wings (or part of the tower) with advertising media, from day-light lettering to LED displays for night visibility.