Use in extreme climatic conditions

Meteorological challenges

Weather conditions – a key competitive factor

Economical and robust generators

The GF-1000NT is equipped with well-proven, gear-less synchronous generators. Being standard industry products, these generators offer a high degree of reliable efficiency at minimum maintenance efforts.

Aerodynamic spoiler control, a competitive edge

A patented spoiler control system reduces mechanical stress and allows operation even under strong and gusty wings. The propulsion wings feature constant depth and constant profile, allowing for economical manufacture in classic aerospace proven production from aluminum. Furthermore, it allows localization of production as well as “on the spot” maintenance and repair.

Special aluminum alloys are immune to low temperatures, heat and salt water. Optional leading-edge heating offers uninterrupted operation under icing conditions.

Cost-saving maintenance

Since all vital components are easily accessible maintenance cost and down-times are greatly reduced. Several systems, evident in conventional wind turbines, are not even needed, such as azimuth control.